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  • for Countries

    IMEUS aims to work with Ministry or Department of Health of countries with plans to healthcare cloud their national healthcare information infrastructure.

    Authenticated secure healthcare cloud infrastructure resolves many of the cost, logistics and reach issues confronting national health planners today for equitable health.

    Realtime national analytics supporting public health decisions and impacting financials.

  • for Group Practices

    The healthcare cloud delivered information solution is best expressed when deployed integrating groups of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, diagnostic laboratories and healthcare providers; in particular where a high degree of mobile wireless mobility is envisaged.

    CapEx to OpEx, SaaS business model, realtime access to information, use of existing computing assets are some obvious factors to warrant consideration.

  • for Cloud Doctors

    Cloud doctors enjoy a continuum of healthcare cloud delivered information systems designed for general practice and specialist disciplines for cross border clinical consultation.

    This global connectivity empowers cloud doctors with worldwide reach teleHealth teleMedicine services to patients online from say... the Americas to Asia and vice-versa. Realtime access to information for informed decisions.

    See Doctor Online™

  • for Consumers

    The Health Consumer is served by the entire IMEUS Health EcoSystem with secure healthcare cloud delivered medical services in terms of affordable realtime online teleConsults, automated online reminders, quality Lifetime Health Records, home teleMonitor and cross-border online access to expert/second opinions that promote compliance, outcomes, safety, security and patient satisfaction.

    Aged Care + Health Tourism Worldwide

  • Healthcare Cloud

    Secure Healthcare Cloud delivered SaaS solutions to help resolve high cost of care and patient reach worldwide

  • Internet of Things

    SMART realtime medical devices for optimal clinical outcomes addressing patient compliance and motivation challenges

  • TeleHealth

    Cross border expert clinical opinion with direct pay gateways for optimal patient access and point-of-care

  • Big Data

    Analytics that drive quality healthcare decisions reducing issues associated with incomplete patient information

Your Own Private Cloud EcoSystem for 2017
IMEUS Private Cloud

Are You Planning An Information Silo Or An EcoSystem?
Information Silo or EcoSystem
iPatient-Portal For Life

iPatient-Portal for Life

Cloud Patient Vital Signs In Realtime
Cloud Patient Vital Signs

CyberMed ciCIS - The Doctor's Lifetime Companion

Value @ IMEUS Why Where When What How

With the success of Social Media and the Internet, web based healthcare cloud delivered medical services today allow for swift communication between doctors and health consumers providing benefits in ways never before; from affordable online teleMedicine, online personal Lifetime Health Record, online Pharmacy, online teleClaims to online patient Home Care in providing realtime preventive and clinical care.

Quality management of health consumer medical information is important; with many hospitals, clinics and doctors adopting high technology healthcare information systems to ensure quality and enhanced patient safety.

Healthcare cloud services are available Anytime, Anywhere Worldwide to the Health Consumer or Patient with Internet access.

Realtime healthcare cloud delivered information to the health consumer on demand; as preventive, therapeutic and/or life-saving.

Health Consumers enjoy, benefit and are served by a suite of healthcare information services integrated to provide optimal complete medical information to doctors in facilitating quality expert clinical opinion and decisions.

2nd Opinion

The health consumer and families today enjoy a range of web based health services provided by cloud doctors, clinic and hospitals:
1. Online teleHealth -
2. Online Lifetime Health Record -
3. Online Dengue Alert -



Incomplete and fragmented medical history prevent doctors from optimizing their wealth clinical expressions in providing sterling patient care. Internet healthcare cloud delivered technologies resolve much of these traditional information barriers with instant realtime access to appropriate clinical information that facilitates quality point-of-care clinical decisions.

Issues pertaining to misplaced medical records, waiting for medical records, duplicate tests, and incomplete medical information issues will be issus of the past with the introduction of healthcare cloud information infrastructures.

Doctors provide patient care and manage clinical information Anytime, Anywhere Worldwide.

As on-premise patient encounter or as a teleConsult connected session, doctors transcend space and time to provide care particularly in situations where seconds count.

An entire Healthcare Cloud EcoSystem provide for doctors a platform to care for patients and health consumers requirements.

Healthcare Cloud Devices

A suite of Healthcare Cloud available to doctors:
1. Healthcare Cloud -
2. Internet of Things -
3. TeleHealth -



Information silos and disconnected information issues faced by group practices are resolved with a correct Healthcare Cloud infrastucture comprising as an integrated singularity comprising hospital information system, picture achiving and communication system (telePACS), laboratory information system, pharmacy information system, teleClaims information system, clinic information system, patient lifetime health record system and dashboard managed via a group information system.

Such is expected to impact any group practice with resultant lowering of cost and time savings.

Cross-border care delivery by the group practice Anytime, Anywhere Worldwide.

This healthcare cloud infrastructure is embedded as an essential component of quality patient care delivery from day one

Health Consumers enjoy, benefit and are served by a suite of healthcare information services integrated to provide optimal complete medical information to doctors in facilitating quality expert clinical opinion and decisions.

IMEUS Group Practice

The health consumer and families today enjoy a range of web based health services provided by cloud doctors, clinic and hospitals:
1. Healthcare Cloud -
2. Healthcare Cloud -
3. Healthcare Cloud -
4. Internet of Things -
5. teleHealth -
6. Big Data -



At the time of writing, no public healthcare information system of any country is totally integrated and connected to provide national health planners with realtime statistics. A holistic health information view critical to the management of a nation's health status, an opportunity IMEUS look working towards - A National Healthcare Cloud Strategy.

Close to perfect realtime information resolves much of the high cost associated with national healthcare, over-crowding of patients in hospitals and the shortage of specialist doctors with broader use of telemedicine connectivity on a healthcare cloud infrastructure.

Nationwide, to include remote rural population previously unable to access equitable care services.

For countries planning connected nationwide healthcare information management, a Healthcare Cloud delivered solution will cost less and able to be put in place faster than traditional client-server LAN/WAN systems.

On a Healthcare Cloud platform, countries have a wider choice as to the range of healthcare services to be introduced into public care quickly.

National Healthcare

The health consumer citizen and families instantly enjoy a range of realtime web based health services provided by their government cloud doctors, clinic and hospitals:
1. Healthcare Cloud -
2. telePACS Cloud -
3. telePharmacy Cloud -
4. teleClaims Cloud -
5. teleMonitor Cloud -
6. teleHealth -

A singular integrated healthcare cloud ecosystem to facilitate care delivery to the entire population by national health planners and public authorities with appropriate third party healthcare provider entities in realtime.

Opportunities and Challenges of Cloud Computing to Improve Health Care Services
Shared Services and Healthcare Cloud: A Strategy for Adoption
Cloud Computing Advantages in the Public Sector


New Healthcare Cloud Solutions

Official Launch - Welch Allyn Connex Spot Monitor direct Healthcare Cloud connect, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA - August 12, 2015
IMEUS Events

IMEUS Integrated Device SolutionSharing with you the official launch of the Welch Allyn Connex Spot Monitor with realtime direct healthcare cloud connect to web based EHR (electronic health record).

A possible world’s first in having Vital Signs sent direct (no computer or connecting bridge required, just WiFi or a mobile phone with Internet access) to the patient web EHR in less than 60 seconds enhancing patient safety, point-of-care value and productivity at lower overall cost. EHR integrated with CyberMed ciCIS clinical information system.

Links: Welch Allyn


KL Converge 2015, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA - August 27-29, 2015
IMEUS Events

IMEUS ExhibitionYou are invited to visit IMEUS booth @ KL Converge 2015, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA, August 27-29, 2015.

See how a Health EcoSystem can affect you and the lifestyle of the individual on a combination of Healthcare Cloud, Internet of Things, TeleHealth and Big Data.

Health EcoSystem Presentation 4:00pm August 29, 2015 by IMEUS + consortium partners.

APHM 2015, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA - Jun 15-17, 2015 @ Booths 28 + 29
IMEUS Events

IMEUS ExhibitionYou are invited to visit IMEUS at Booths 28 + 29. Find out how mature Healthcare Cloud delivered solutions can impact delivery of quality patient care. See how it enhances your care delivery potentials as nurse, doctor, clinic, hospital or public authority.

Share concerns with regards to Privacy, Security, Cost Reduction, Time Management, Group Practice Management and Patient Safety; and allow the IMEUS team to suggest solutions.

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Group Information System

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